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Chen Zhu’s research on the isotope tracer method has been funded by the US National Science Foundation, the endowment for the Haydn Murray Chair, and Indiana University.

Acknowledgement is also due to a summer visiting professorship at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Toulouse. The co-authors of the publications received their funding for their part from their funding sources.

Program Information

Workshop Conveners

Chen Zhu, Indiana University, USA
Jim Kubicki, University of Texas, El Paso, USA
With other possible contributors

Workshop Title

“Applications of isotope tracers to geochemical kinetics studies”

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The Isotope Tracer Method

The method itself is not new. Geochemists have employed this method since the early 1990s and biologists have employed it much earlier. Gaillardet (2008) gave an excellent review of this method and pointed out its potential. In the last 15 years, MC-ICP-MS technologies now make the measurement of many non-traditional isotopes accessible, which makes this method more promising. Please see the reading list below.

The objective of this workshop is to impart the methods and skills of designing, preparing, and interpreting experiments. These experiments are very simple to conduct and interpret. Recently, we have shown Q-ICP-MS is sufficient for measuring the Si isotope ratios in these type of heavily-spiked experiments (Zhang et al., 2019). MC-ICP-MS analysis of Si isotopes will also be available at Indiana University. At the workshop, we will walk the participants through and distribute an Excel template for data reduction and rate calculations.

Reading List