2021 Goldschmidt Short Course

Map of attendees for the 2021 workshop. About 348 attendees from 44 countries participated.

Advanced Geochemical Modeling

Geochemical modeling is a powerful tool, which has wide applications in geology, hydrogeology, environmental sciences and engineering, and petroleum geology. Recently, new databases, functions, code enhancements, and utilities associated with the computer programs Supcrtbl (Zimmer et al., 2016) and Phreeqc (Parkhurst and Appelo, 2013) have greatly expanded the applicability ranges of these modeling tools. This includes expanding speciation, solubility, reaction path modeling up to T and P of 5 kb and 1000 oC; A kinetics library of rate equations and parameters of about 100 minerals (Zhang et al., 2019).

This workshop will introduce these new tools and use examples to demonstrate these expanded geochemical modeling capabilities with examples for modeling silicate dissolution experiments, clastic and carbonate diagenesis, geothermal fluids, and geological CO2 storage. 

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